Lake Granby Yacht Club

Hardwater Regatta Annual Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2015

Commodore’s Report:

·         Commodore Mike Leidich called the meeting to order.  He made a motion to accept the minutes from the 2014 meeting.  The motion was passed.

·         Mike welcomed new members Matt Bailey, Mike Coufal, and Robert Maser. 

·         Matt Brown from Indian Peaks Marina was unable to attend the meeting.  Jeff Davidson had been in touch with him and Matt told him that the marina wanted to help the club.  The marina has made improvements such as grading the road and making safer ramps to the docks with nonskid on them.  The slips are 100% booked right now.

·         Jack Bakken has been in touch with the Forest Service.  The lake is currently 6 ½ feet low and will be full this summer.  There are plans to install a power plant at the bottom of the dam and this may require a new road at the end of dike 3. 

·         Longtime members and contributors to the club Don and Karen Baldwin will be leaving the club.  Will Kaufman, Gary Silverman, and Ingrid Silverman will be taking over the club’s website.

Treasurer’s Report:

·         Terry reported that the funds in the club checking account were $4973.18 on 12/31/14.  Our income was $1725.00 and our expenses  were  $1776.78.  This is $51.78 less than the amount in the account on 1/1/14.  We had 22 full members and 1 social member.  A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion was passed.

·         The club will take donations for the TS Smith Endowment Fund at Community Sailing.  Jeff commented that Community Sailing just had a very successful fundraising event.  Gary commented that it is a good program and they have expanded to Boulder Reservoir.

Race Chairman’s Report:

·         Sid commented that if the weather is looking bad at the start of a race it would be a good idea to postpone the race until the bad weather passes. 

New Business:

·         This year there will be a junior sailing program for children of LGYC members.  The program will be in the mornings on Sunday July 12 and Sunday August 9 in Hidden Cove.  El Toros belonging to members will be used.  Matt Bailey noted that this will give kids the opportunity to start sailing on their own. 

·         Ingrid Silverman proposed starting a womens’ sailing program perhaps to take place after the junior sailing program. 

·         Jack Bakken reported that the gin pole at Sunset Point is in good shape.  The rope and hook at the gin pole at Stillwater has been stolen.  Jack will contact the Forest Service about making repairs.

Race Schedule for 2015:

Spring Series:

·         June 13 races 1 & 2 committee:  Sid

·         June 27 races 3 & 4 committee:  Kaufman   Spring Barbecue probably at Jensen’s

·         July 11 races 5 & 6 committee: Scheurer   July 12 junior sailing

·         July 25 Commodore’s Race and Barbecue  committee: Kaufman  

Summer Series:

·         August 8 races 1 & 2 committee: Stokstad    August 9 junior sailing

·         August 22 races 3 & 4 Committee: Leidich

·         September 5 races 5 & 6 committee: Davidson

·         September 12 Manifest Race committee: Pratt   Party at Leidich’s

Officers for 2015:

·         Commodore:  Will Kaufman

·         Vice Commodore:  Law Powell

·         Treasurer:  Terry Pratt

·         Secretary:  Gary Silverman

·         Race Chairman:  Sid Brugger