Lake Granby Yacht Club

Hard Water Regatta / Annual Meeting



I.                    Reading of the Minutes from 2012

MikeR called the meeting to order. A motion to accept last year’s minutes without a formal reading was immediately passed.

II.                  Commodore’s Report

MikeR extended thanks to:

·         DenisB for running the Spring Race and BBQ at the clubhouse at Shadow Mountain.

·         TerryP for the hard labor of the racing mark management, and for continuing to serve as our able and accurateTreasurer.

·         MikeL and CherylL for hosting the party after the Commodore’s Race.

·         Don Baldwin for handling the myriad LGYC Website duties.

·         JeffD for working in the challenging role of Race Committee Chairman over the past year.

·         GaryS for stepping up to the responsibilities of the Commodore’s position for the upcoming year.

·         DaveJ for providing his home for the Manifest Destiny party.

·         All the racing crews for making it more fun and competitive during all the year’s races.


III.                Treasurer’s Report

The minutes for last year’s meeting and the treasurer’s report were handed out.

Financial Status

Our 12/31/12 checkbook balance was $5,185.60.  Terry reported that we came out even this year – we’re $20 to the good after accounting for paying the Forest Service race mark fee (for which the bill technically came too late for the 2012 accounting).   

PeerB’s motion to accept the financial report was passed.


Current Memberships

We have 21 full members and 3 social members.   

Upon approval by the members to share their information, Terry was asked to send out the current up-to-date club membership roster to all members, by email.  (The roster will still not be posted on the website, in order protect that private information.)  Terry asks everyone to let him know if any corrections are needed.

Logo’d Club Items for Sale

Burgees, visors, and hats are available for members to purchase whenever they wish; just contact TerryP.

Race Marks Replacement

Terry asked and received the club’s approval, upon DaveH’s motion, to replace two of the race marks.  Mark 6 will then become the start mark (since the current start mark is in bad shape).

IV.                Other New Business

Name Tags

DaveH made a suggestion that we have permanent name tags made for each member, to be worn on the dock and at parties, to help people who see each other only rarely to get better acquainted.  KarenB’s motion to have Dave look into the cost of having them made, and to then re-address the suggestion at a later event this summer, was passed.

Dave Kitts Memorial Lending Library

Carol Kitts has contributed Dave’s old sailing books (quite a stash of them) to serve at the LGYC Lending Library.  Sid will keep the box of books on his boat, and will bring them out for skipper’s meetings and at parties.  Everyone can borrow the books on the honor system  (no formal check-outs).

Community Sail Matching Contribution

Community Sail receives a donation from LGYC each year, matching its members’ individual donations.  GaryS told everyone how his boys attended the Cherry Creek Community Sail camp, and that it was a really good experience for them socially, as well as for building their sailing skills.  He reminded everyone of the upcoming silent auction and dinner:

Community Sail Gala

6pm, April 20th

Denver Athletic Club


MikeR suggested, and the group agreed, that DonB should add a link to Community Sail’s URL on the LGYC website.


V.                  Race Chairman’s Report and 2013 Race Schedule

Race Schedule

The following proposed schedule was approved: 


Date                      Event                                             Committee          Party Venue

June 15                 Spring Series & BBQ                DickS                     <TBD >

June 29                 Spring Series                              JeffD                    

July 6                     Spring Series                              PeerB                   

July 13                   Commodore’s Race                GaryS                    <TBD>

August 10            Summer Series                         SidB

August 17            Summer Series                         Mike?

August 24            Summer Series                         JohannS

September 7      Manifest Destiny Regatta     LawP                     <TBD>

JeffD will be an alternate for committee.


Possible Changes

DaveH suggested we do at least 1 race in the mid-after, a bit later in the day, near the solstice, so as to take advantage of the long day and later afternoon wind.

The possibility of turning the Commodore’s Fun Race into a 2-day separate race event will be discussed and decided soon.

At the Spring BBQ, JeffD, GaryS, MikeR, and DaveH are to discuss those ideas, as well as whether to add some social sails / cruise-around-the-marks flotillas, and to invite to those events the marina staff, friends, and others who may enjoy that kind of lower-key outing rather than a race.


VI.                Webmaster/Secretary’s Report

DonB confirmed that, as approved last year, he established our LGYC “online group -- an email list for discussing issues of general interest.  Don was given approval to send out formal invitations to all the LGYC members, making it easy for them to join that group, and everyone’s encouraged to do that.

VII.              New Officers and Members for 2013


·         Past Commodore – MikeR

·         Commodore – GaryS

·         Vice Commodore – MikeL

·         Race Chairman – JeffD

·         Treasurer – TerryP

·         Webmaster/Secretary – DonB & KarenB



Bill & JoAnn are friends of Sid who also live at their condominium complex outside Winter Park.

Steve Lange & Sue are also new members.