Lake Granby Yacht Club

2012 Hard Water Regatta /Annual Meeting


I.        Reading of the Minutes from 2011 Hardwater Regatta

Last year’s minutes were handed out and read; it was moved, seconded and voted to accept those minutes as is, with the exception of correcting the spelling of Denis’ name (which has been made).

II.      Commodore’s Report

Denis extended thanks to JeffD and those who served as committees for the races, to TerryP for getting the marks in, and to both TerryP and JeffD for getting them back out!  TerryP was also enthusiastically thanked for handling our books so ably, and for so long!

He thanked Sid & Ruth for hosting the meeting and party.  He also extended thanks to Dick & JanS for hosting last year’s Hardwater Regatta/annual meeting, to Jack & Hopey for hosting the Summer Party, and to Mike & Cheryl for running the Manifest Destiny Regatta.  The group’s thanks also must be returned to Dian & DennisB for hosting last year’s Commodore’s race.

Finally, Grand Elk Marina was sincerely thanked for allowing us to continue storing our on-the-water equipment in the shed on their property.

III.    Treasurer’s Report

Financial Status and Current Memberships

Terry reported that we’ve had a small net gain of $428.10 in our club’s financial fortunes, increasing from $4,602.60 to $5,030.70.  The detailed report was handed out and read; it was moved, seconded and voted to accept that report as is.

Terry offered the club’s thanks to Jeff for providing excellent food for the club’s events, which was a big help.

Terry reports that we have 21 full members and 2 social members.  We just had applications for 2 new social memberships, as well.  Terry thanked everyone for paying their dues.

Logo’d Club Items for Sale

A box of burgees and caps was passed around for members to purchase items if they wished.   It was observed that we may eventually need to re-stock the burgees whenever they run low, and a suggestion was made that we should consider buying a new stock of T-shirts, as well.  (However, this suggestion was not yet pursued / discussed to any depth.) 

There was a question as to whether the club could setup a store club’s goods, on the club’s website, but TerryP noted that his preference as Treasurer is to keep sales as they are for now (i.e., not online), since he feels it gives him clear control of what’s in stock and what’s been sold, and because that way he doesn’t need to deal with the complications of shipping and PayPal, etc.

Race Marks Replacement

Terry advocated for spending some of our funds on much-needed racing mark replacements.    Though the start mark buoy hasn’t gone missing, Mark 5 got badly beaten up, and we lost Mark 6 entirely.  We therefore need two new marks.  Some discussion about how to most economically do so ensued, resulting in a plan to (a) put a new mark (with a flag for visibility) by the pumphouse as a new Mark 4, (b) move the existing Mark 4 to replace the beaten-up Mark 5, (c) put a new mark at Mark 6 (with an eye so it can be used as a spare start mark, if needed), and (d) to continue using the existing start mark as long as it lasts (but to perhaps shorten its line).  The two new marks will cost $332.  It was moved, seconded, and voted to approve this purchase.

IV.    Race Chairman’s Report

Race Schedule

Jeff proposed the dates for this year’s Summer Series, Commodore’s Race, and Manifest Destiny Regatta, and members volunteered on the spot to committee each of the proposed races:

                                June 16                 DaveG

                                June 30                 DenisB  (Spring Race and BBQ)

                                July 7                     PeerB

                                July 21                   MikeR  (Commodore’s Race)

                                August 11            SidB  (Summer Series Races 1&2)

                                August 18            MikeL  (Summer Series Races 3&4)

                                August 25            JohannS  (Summer Series Races 5&6)

                                September 8      TerryP (Manifest Destiny Regatta)


It was moved, seconded, and voted to approve the proposed schedule (with one minor date correction).  

Denis or Jeff will host the Spring BBQ on June 30.  MikeR will host the Commodore’s Race event on July 21.   Dave Jensen has kindly volunteered his home for the Manifest Destiny Regatta after-race BBQ, on September 8 (the Saturday after Labor Day).

V.      Webmaster/Secretary’s Report

DonB offered to set up a “discussion email group” for the club, using Yahoo or Google Groups and linking it to the existing LGYC web page.  It is expected that the discussion group will make it easier for members to participate in and be aware of all the various club communications, and allow them to opt into those discussions if they’d like while not obliging anyone to receive unwanted emails.

 It was moved, seconded, and voted to approve creating such a forum.

VI.    Other New Business

Items for Sale

JackB offered up a host of stainless steel shackles and other hardware for which he no longer has need, for sale.  He also announced that he has a motorboat for sale, for $5,000, for anyone who has an interest.

On behalf of Diana Bright, KarenB offered for sale another set of stainless steel hardware and a foul weather suit that previously belonged to John Bright (who recently passed away).  The proceeds will go back to Diana.  Jack then offered that the proceeds from the sale of his stainless steel hardware items would also be sent to Diana.

News of Dave & Carol Kitts

Sid and RuthB let everyone know that Dave Kitts, a very well-liked, longtime LGYC member and the husband of our indomitable former Commodore, Carol Kitts, is suffering from pancreatic cancer; though they are doing well emotionally, of course all LGYC members who knew them are encouraged to get in touch, if they’d like to offer support and well wishes to Carol.

Community Sail Matching Contribution

Community Sail normally receives a donation from LGYC matching its members’ individual donations.  Due to a financial shortfall, it was voted to suspend that donation last year.  (The minutes were checked.) This year $50 has been contributed, and given that we do not have a deficit, a motion to again offer an LGYC matching donation was seconded and voted into approval.

VII.  New Officers for 2012

Rear Commodore – Denis Butler

Commodore – Mike Roll

Vice Commodore – Gary Silverman

Race Chairman – Jeff Davidson

Treasurer – Terry Pratt

Webmaster/Secretary – Don & Karen  Baldwin