March 7, 2010 at the home of Dick and Jan Scheurer


NEW 2010 OFFICERS AND POSTS (unanimously approved)

Commodore - Mike Role

Vice Commodore - Denis Butler 

Rear Commodore - Denis Butler

Treasurer - Terry Pratt

Race Co-Chair - Sid Brugger and Dave Heuter

Race Results Tabulator - Dick Williams

Webmaster - Don Baldwin


A potential Vice-Commodore was not identified prior to the meeting; so for that position Sid nominated Dick Williams, who declined the nomination.  Mike Roll then nominated Denis Butler, who indicated he would be willing to serve again.



            A very warm welcome to new members Graf & Diane Cornish, who will be sailing with us in their Catalina 25, Sea Shark!  We are very happy to have you two aboard.

We also thank all those who served in board/officer roles during 2009, and Dick & Jan Scheurer for the continued use of their historic log home as the most hospitable and comfortable venue for our Hardwater Regatta annual meetings.

A new Commodore flag was offered to Mike Role, and both the Past Commodore flag and Vice Commodore flag were proffered to Denis Butler.  A service gift was given to Denis by Mike, for all his hard work over this past year.



            There were no Bylaws modifications this year. Last years minutes (which were actually read aloud in their entity for the first time) were unanimously approved.



            It is expected that the lake will come up “reasonably” this year.  The Grand Elk organization that runs the marina as well as its other properties was in financial straits and bailed out by a man who, unfortunately, died two weeks ago.  There is no indication at present that his surviving family will pull the plug on the operation, but not much is known at present regarding future direction.



           2009 Season Net (- $123.14)

There was $4,690.62 in the bank account as of 12/31/08 (as noted in 2009 minutes), and there was $4,567.48 on 12/31/09, representing a small net loss.   Unusually low membership this year took its toll, and race costs were much higher than usual this year in part due to damage to Mark 2 and loss of the Mark 2 replacement buoy.

Terry reminds us to encourage new membership; more boats make for more competitive races and great parties!

It was reported that under new Colorado law, LGYC is now required to file a state tax return even though we are not formally incorporated.  This is viewed as only a very minor inconvenience, and will be easily taken care of.

            The full Treasurer Report accompanies these minutes.



            Unfortunately, Steve & Mary Jo Frank had to leave early when she felt a bit under the weather, so Sid spoke for Steve.  Over 300 kids enrolled in Community Sail classes last year.  Over 200 special needs kids joined them, in addition.  Steve has retired as Executive Director; the new director is “Rainel” from the Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans.  Unfortunately, the City of Westminster decided not to renew a years-long contractual arrangement that permitted Community Sail to use Standley Lake on which to give lessons.  They cited purported liability issues and zebra mussel concerns.  Community Sail is looking at expanding its program to multiple other lakes, through 1-week mobile programs.  There was general discussion that a dearth of younger members joining the ranks has been observed in not only our own but other boat / yacht clubs in the state; Community Sail is very important to us in encouraging a new generation of sailors.

Sadly, but with a pragmatic recognition of current club funding, Side recommended that LGYC should not match members donations this year, since our club funding went negative.  Members will still donate individually, and we will revisit the club matching funds when we regain a positive cash flow.  This was moved, seconded, and approved unanimously.



            There will again be a Spring Series, Summer Series, and Manifest Race.  The Spring Series and Summer Series will each have 6 races with 1 throw out race for each series.  The Beer Can races were poorly attended last year and will be discontinued.  There was some discussion of how many races to hold and on which days; the Race Co-Chairs will examine the calendar and try to fit 3 weekends in to the Springs Series with just 2 races per day, instead of 3 races per day.  Perhaps 4 races total.  Their decision on dates and counts for the races will be announced later.

            Denis pointed out that the Start buoy is rough on the committee boat hulls, and recommended that we add rub rails to the start buoy to avoid damage.  Terry Pratt will look into the problem and try to find a solution.

            Denis also suggested that we would prefer to have a more visible buoy serve as Mark 7 - either a new, bigger mark, or use a boat as the mark.  Sid volunteered his boat for that purpose, and upon discussion that option was adopted by the club.

            A call for Race Committee volunteers was made, resulting in more than enough sign-ups to cover the planned races.  As of the meeting, the tentative race schedule:

§  June 12 - ?

§  June 26 - Dave Heuter

§  July 10 - Dick Scheurer

§  July 24 - Johann Stokstad

§  Aug 14 - ?

§  Aug 21 - Don Baldwin

§  Sep 4 (Manifest)

? = Jeff, Terry, and Peer Bjornstad are additional race committee volunteers; specific race dates will be worked out after tonight’s meeting.




Hopey & Jack Bakken

Don & Karen Baldwin

John & Diana Bright

Sid & Ruth Brugger

Denis Butler

Graf & Diane Cornish

Rick & Maxine Doyle

Steve & Mary Jo Franks

David & Judy Hueter

Sue & John Labato

Scotti & Dennis McCarthy

Terry Pratt

Mike & Janet Roll

Johan Stokstad

Richard Williams