April 8, 2006 at the home of Dick and Jan Scheurer



Commodore Dave Hueter

Vice Commodore Law Powell

Rear Commodore Johan Stokstad

Secretary/ Treasurer Terry Pratt

Race Chairman Jeff Davidson

Webmaster Don Baldwin



The Club has $4713.42 in the bank account as of 4/8/06 which is $575.40 less than what was in the account a year ago. The club bought burgees and hats at a cost of $1301.10 and this caused expenses to be more than income. Income was $1980.00 and expenses were $2555.40. Dues continue to be $35.00 for a full membership and $20.00 for a social membership. In 2005 there were 33 memberships.



Jack Bakken explained that even though the Lake Granby area has the highest percentage of snowpack in Colorado many other people and entities own water rights. The water level in the lake will be affected depending on the demands of these people. Sid contacted the NCWD and they say that the lake should be 8 below full this year. Jack said that both gin poles are operational. Jack also suggested that we find a time to meet with the Forest Service Rangers and help them learn how to deal with a boat in distress. Our yearly permit fee to have racing marks is $110.00. In addition we have a use fee which is probably under $100.00 and must be paid every 5 years. It was suggested that we should move the yacht club shed from Highland Marina.



There was considerable discussion about how to encourage new memberships. The consensus suggested that each member should have club brochures, schedules of club events, and membership applications to hand out to any person who might ask about the LGYC. Dave suggested that each member have a decal that could go on the transom of their boat identifying them as a LGYC member.



There was discussion about whether to start races later in order to avoid afternoon thunderstorms. Sid and Terry will keep logs this summer to see what time the storms come through. This year races will start at 12:00 PM, weather permitting and the skippers meetings will be at 10:30 AM at Grand Elk Restaurant. Also this year we will have informal Friday night beer can races every Friday in July to start at 5:30 PM. These races will be self timed and participants will meet at Grand Elk Marina. Sid Brugger is organizing these races.



Sid talked about Community Sailing of Colorado. In 2004 LGYC established the Lake Granby Yacht Club TS Smith Endowment Fund with a contribution of $1000.00. The money in this fund is used to help disadvantaged children attend programs at Community Sailing of Colorado. Community Sailing teaches children how to sail and has a staff of 7 instructors. Their sailing bases are Standley Lake where they use Sunfish and Cherry Creek Reservoir where they use Optimist Prams. 475 children participated in the program in the summer of 2005 including 170 disabled children.

The club voted for contribution to Community Sailing of $250.00 from the general fund. Also a line item will be on the bill for dues so members can make individual donations.

14 members made donations of between $10.00 and $30.00 for a total of $200.00 after the annual meeting.



Blankets embroidered with LGYC were given to Jack and Hopey Bakken, Sid and Ruth Brugger, Jeff Davidson, Dave and Kathy Jensen, Terry Pratt and Margie Moore, and Dick and Jan Scheurer in appreciation for things they have done for the club. Johan and Peggy Stokstad were presented with a gift certificate to 240 Union restaurant in appreciation of the job Johan has done as Commodore and the help Peggy has given to the club.